Improve your non-technical skills here via the NOTSS MicroSeries videos.


Watch the clip below to see an example from one video demonstrating a range of Situation Awareness behaviors as the lead surgeon slowly becomes aware that things are not going according to plan. How does he react? How would you rate his ability to gather and understand information? How confident are you that he is thinking ahead?

This NOTSS video series was created in collaboration between Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston and the American College of Surgeons. These video scenarios were filmed at the Neil and Elise Wallace STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in a simulated operating room with real clinicians as actors.

Situation Awareness *
Developing and maintaining a dynamic awareness of the situation in theatre based on assembling data from the environment (patient, team, time, displays, equipment); understanding what they mean, and thinking ahead about what may happen next.
Decision Making *
Skills for diagnosing the situation and reaching a judgement in order to choose an appropriate course of action.
Communication & Teamwork *
Skills for working in a team context to ensure that the team has an acceptable shared picture of the situation and can complete tasks effectively.
Leadership *
Leading the team and providing direction, demonstrating high standards of clinical practice and care, and being considerate about the needs of individual team members.